Creativity ~ last post

I can be creative in many ways. I can be creative with the clothes I wear, the way I talk, I could be very creative in school work, what I cook, how I swim. In this day and age, anybody could be, and is, creative. I consider blogging creative. In the movie Julie & Julia, Julie has a blog and records everything she makes in Julia’s cookbook. She got recognized by the media, and made money off of her blog. I think blogging is a very creative way to express…. whatever you want to express. The internet helps me be creative. Why? I’m sure a lot of people have heard of Facebook. Well, I guess I’m creative by posting what is going on in my life. It’s also considered creative to post pictures, too. I’m also creative by making videos and embedding them in my blog, and doing voicethreads! The internet inspires creativity. I am ashamed of nothing that I post on the internet, my words are always well considered and thought out, no matter who saw it. My thoughts on creativity have not changed one bit since I started blogging. My favorite post is the Spring Break one because it is the longest, and I think it’s funny how much I complained in that post without realizing it. 🙂 This will be my last post so, I would just like so say I had such a great school year, and I’m very appreciative of all my teachers, and I love all of my friends who helped me through! 😉 Thanks, everyone! Have a great summer!

– ✹ cookiecrazie ✹

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

In the book Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, Katniss, the main character, faces many challenges that are nearly impossible to overcome. It’s the 75th Hunger Games, that means it’s a Quarter Quell. This year, two victors from each district, a boy and a girl, have to come back to the Hunger Games and compete for their lives. Katniss is automatically chosen, and Peeta is going with her. Katniss somehow has to keep herself, her mom, Prim (her sister), and Gale and his family alive. She has a huge challenge she needs to overcome.

Katniss and I are alike because she has good aim, she never gives up, she’s always ready for a fight. Katniss and I are not alike because I would not give up my life for someone I just met, officially, I don’t hesitate, and I am not antisocial.

I actually strongly disliked Katniss at the beginning of the book. I didn’t like her because she didn’t kill people, she would take her own life for Peeta, and she just plain annoyed me. At the end of the book, I still didn’t like her, until my friend convinced me she is great because all of her Navi-like traits from the movie, Avatar.

I chose this picture because Katniss is the girl on fire.

I chose this picture because Katniss is the girl on fire.

Spring Break

On Thursday after school, on the first day of spring break, my dad picked my brother and me up from my mom’s house to go camping in an R.V. It was one of my dad’s famous “We’re going on a trip but I’m not going to tell you until the day before we leave” trips. I hate going camping, it makes me feel disgusting. I was in my room, packing my stuff. My dad came a half an hour early. How did I know this? I heard a scraping sound outside my window, I looked out, and what do you know? My dad was backing into my driveway, and the motorcycle trailer got stuck in the middle of the street. Half of the R.V. was on my driveway, and half was in the middle of the street. I was cracking up. What made me crack up more was that he was holding up cars and there was a line halfway down the street. People were honking, so my dad had to get out and wave at people to go around, which to me, was hilarious. The ride was three hours. My iPod ran out of battery half way through the ride. I tried to read my book, Catching Fire, but I started to get carsick. I was bored out of my mind for one and a half hours, which seemed like 10. When we got to the middle of the Mojave Desert, my brother and I fought over who had to sleep where, then we went to bed. My dad and brother woke me up around five a.m., not my ideal wake up time. My dad told me the motorcycle instructor was going to come in ten minutes. Right now would be a good time to say that my dad bought me a dirt bike thinking it will be a “family sport”, and I’m deathly afraid of motorcycles. I had this huge fit and refused to ride. I got really bored watching everyone ride, so I finally put on all of my gear and walked to my bike. My brother and I recently traded dirt bikes because I had a 110 cc and my brother had a 70 cc. When I stood up on my bike, I would hold on to the throttle, so I would go out of control, which was hilarious and scary at the same time. My dad thought I wasn’t expericenced enough for the 110, so he gave it to my brother and I got the 70. My bike was parked right next to my brother’s. He was sitting on it. He asked me if I was ready to go and of course I said no. I got on my bike, and it’s a kick start, so I spent 15 minutes trying to start my bike without realizing the choke wasn’t on. My brother helped me start my bike. Of course, his was an electric start, so he could start his bike with the press of the start of a button (not fair). I rode motorcycles for the rest of the weekend, and I read my book. We got home on Easter, and my dad dropped my brother and me off at my mom’s house. That was the only exciting thing I did during Spring Break.

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The computer I am working on is really annoying me and won’t let me upload a picture. This picture is mine even though it is from flickr. Long story short, here’s the link….

I couldn’t upload the picture to my blog, which is really annoying, but here is the link. This is my picture, but I uploaded it on flickr as a backup plan…

♻ Earth Day ♻

Earth Day is coming up! It’s on April 22nd!! I’m going to be green for once in my life! I’m going to conserve water by asking my mom to put the settings on the washing machine and dryer to energy conserve, I take a shower every other day so I’ll plan around Earth Day. For homework, i’ll type everything.. if I can. I’m going to take all of my recycling items to the recycling place behind Ralph’s. HAND WASH THE DISHES!!! Turn off the sprinklers, don’t use the hose. That’s the only things I can think of. I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL EARTH DAY! 🙂


– ♻ cookiecrazie ♻

Laps For Love

Just for fun I decided to write a book. It’s called Laps For Love. Here’s the booktalk….

Cindy is 13, and her mom has breast cancer. They don’t have enough money to pay for Cindy’s mom’s procedures. When Cindy was at a track meet, some guy from Red Cross told Cindy if she could run 1,000 laps, Red Cross would pay for all of her mom’s procedures. Cindy doesn’t know if she could run that much. Her mom is running out of time and needs Cindy to do this. Will Cindy get over the fact that she is about to run 1,000 laps? Buy the book to find out.

Here’s the first paragraph….

NO! This can’t be happening to me, Cindy thought. She ran around the track as she thought about her mom’s situation. A guy started towards Cindy. She tries to ignore him and run faster. As he approached her he said, ” Are you Cindy?” “It depends who wants to know,” She stated. He laughed. “I’m Jim from the Red Cross. I heard about your mom. I’m really sorry.” “Sorry isn’t gonna do much, Jim.” “Well.Aren’t you a feisty one,” Jim said. ” I have a proposition for you. The Red Cross can help your mom.” Okay,” Cindy said. ” You have my attention.” “If you can run 1,000 laps in one day, Cindy, I will pay for all of your mom’s procedures.” Cindy’s jaw dropped. “HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DO THAT?” “If you really love your mom, you have the strength to do this.”

– ☏cookiecrazie☏

Ruby Oliver’s New Year’s Resolutions

Ruby Oliver is the main character from The Boyfriend List by E. Lockhart. Her three New Year’s resolutions are to control her anger, eat healthier, and stay out of trouble. She has to control her anger because she’s always yelling at her parents and her friends when they something she doesn’t approve of. Ruby can control her anger by continuing seeing her therapist, Dr. Z, and by thinking about what she says before she says it. Ruby should eat healthier because she is always complaining about her weight. She can eat healthy by going on a diet with her mom and stops eating so many jelly candies. Ruby is always getting into trouble with friends by being at the wrong place at the wrong time. She can stay out of trouble by staying on the swim team and thinking things through before she reacts. Those are some of the very few flaws Ruby has that she can work on. :p

– ♻ cookiecrazie ♻

Winter Invite

A couple weeks ago I qualified for Winter Age Group Championships, Winter Invite for short. Winter Invite is a swim meet you have to qualify for. Swimming has always been a huge part of my life, so it was very important to me that I have the time I needed to qualify. And surely enough, I got my time. 🙂 That meant I got to go to Las Vegas with my friends and swim! The drive there was torture! I don’t even know how long it took. When we got there, we drove past The Strip, and drove 15 minutes to my hotel. My mom made me go to bed really early because we had to wake up at 6 and check out the pool. The pool was indoor, extremely stuffy, and overwhelming. I met my friends there, watched them swim their events, and at 11 we went to breakfast. We went back to the pool at 12:45. It started snowing, and right then I was thankful we got to swim inside! I had to wait for what seemed like forever until my event. The event I qualified for was the 100 butterfly. I had to swim 2 relays right after the 100 butterfly. I got back from the pool, changed and went out to dinner with my team. We got back at 8 (according to my mom that is too late to be out). The next day I didn’t have any individual events, but I swum 2 relays. That was my last day of swimming. I had one more day of being in Las Vegas. So, we went to M&M world, which was awesome and I got a huge bag of M&M’s, the Coca-Cola store, and we just walked around on The Strip. The drive back was even longer than on the way there. And, on the ride home, I realized I had just spent my whole weekend swimming, and then I had to go to practice Monday-Saturday. (When I realized that Monday was tomorrow.)

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